The cookie makes jackhoff crumble…

mmmmm tasty
let me get my lips round this

 BBW Cookie was spotted down by the local pools and justin and willy wasted no time in inviting her for some filthy fun with jackhoff in the back of the chav van.

Cookie just loved the size of his nice juicy cock and soon had her sweet brown lips wrapped tightly around it sucking it so hard jack moaned with great pleasure.
Jack soon returned the favour sticking his wet tongue deep between her thighs reaching into her wet cunt to give it a right old licking,cookie is a big beatiful woman,
and you can join her and jack at where all the dirty chav sluts cant wait for a turn in the filthy white chav van….
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Zarina the asian babe hitch hiker…

come see the chav van

Willy stroker and justinhole couldn”t believe their luck when thry spotted this gorgeous babe hitch hiking,never letting opputunity pass by they pulled over and she climbed in the back and they took on for a trip around chavleycourt,she soon had her kit off and was fingering her pussy and rubbing her sweet pert clit with the utmost pleasure before using a most unusual dildo which was inflatable,this soon hit the right spot and she moaned loudly with pleasure has she came to an enjoyable climax…

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A peeping tom(cat) spys on satine…

ooh look at the peeping tom...

Satine was having such a good time in the back of the chav van that she didn”t notice the cute face peeping at her through the windscreen,the naughty tom cat was watching as satine fingered her hairy pussy and fucked it hard with a nice dildo,this gives peeping tom a whole new angle,see this very soon at  If you like pussys with a lot of hair this is for you cause satine spark has got a whole bush full around her sweet chav pussy hole…

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Cleo couldn””””t wait to get her kit off…

The beautiful cleo summers couldn””””t wait to do some naughty poses on the stairway,not caring about anyone who was going in and out of chavleycourt,she was even more delighted when woody nobbit invited her into the back of the chav van on the flats carpark so he could give her a good hard fucking.

Cleo soon had his huge cock out and straight into her mouth to give it a good sucking before he rammed it into her tight cunt hole to fuck her hard and long….

see cleo and woody at and slutty sex at its best…..

LOVE OR HATE CHAVS… see them get well and truly fucked silly,there are drunk chavs and dom chavs and just down right filthy dirty slutty chavs.

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sophie so sexy in the filthy van….

Heres a gorgeous dirty chav girl who got down and filthly in some gr8 outdoor sex with woody nobbit,

The back of the filthy white chav van wasred hot with action has sophie teased and sucked woodys huge knob,she slurped her tongue round his big balls and he loved getting her sweet petite tits in his mouth for a good licking and sucking.

Sophie moaned with pleasure has he carefully shoved his huge cock right up into her wet chav pussy,well she is such a thin bit of a girl it”s a wonder she didn”t split in half,but she loved it saying she much prefered the feel of a huge piece of knob inside her and only laughed at little ones..

Hot Hot hot this girl is sooooooo hot she burns and if you wanna see a real filthy eastend girl get fucked silly then check it out on where you will see her and all the other dirty chav girls having a ball and a huge cock in some gr8 uk outdoor sex….

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Sarah gets flashy…

maybe i””””ll see the wolves….
coo what a draught where””””s the coal fire..
i bet they never did this in them days..
where””””s the lions..
This pub makes me dizzy..

Sweet sarahjane just loves going out and about so she can flash her body to anyone whos about so justin and willy took her out to some local black country locations.

have a look at the pics if your from the blackcountry you should recognise them…

 She totally enjoyed herself and so did justin and willy who plan to take her out again so you never know it could be at a spot near you…..

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Sarah goes dogging…

Well there she is sitting in a car watching everyone go by and hoping someone will stop for some dirty hot action.

Here comes woody ready and willing when she says shes out for a bit of dogging,she opens the car door and gets his cock out to pop into her wet mouth.

Sarah sure knows how to suck, woodys cock is hard and throbbing so he gets her out of the car and onto the bonnet, he thrusts his rock hard meat deep into her pussy hole to send her into a frenzy…


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Glory hole goes mobile for some uk outdoor sex…

oooh fresh air cock lovely..

Outdoor sex gets better when justin and willy take the glory hole mobile for some on the side of the road fun.. Holly kiss certainly enjoyed sucking woody nobbits huge cock which popped it”s head through with gr8 is all exclusive here you can see all the dirty chavs having fun in and out of the dirty white chav van….

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shay gets dom with woody in great outdoor sex.

tease me, tease me, tease me baby...

come on you fucker let it spray..

When Shay hendrix got woody in the van she insisted they got in the front first and she was soon bent over him teasing and licking his huge erect cock before taking it all in her mouth and giving it a right good sucking. Woody was dying to touch her sweet pert tits but she shoved him off and gave him a slap shouting at him that he needed permission first,when she””””d finished she ordered him into the back of the van where he gave her the fucking of her life and when he was ready to come she ordered him out of the van and made him come all over the tarmac,,,so with his huge grin on his face woody was once more satisfied…..

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Kimberley goes bumpity bump.

more bumps please i love it..

let me get my kit off

Everyone hates the stupid bumps they put in the road to stop speeding,everyone except for kimberley scott a lovely foriegn girl who decided she wanted to go mobile in the van so while justin was driving willy filmed all the action and has she stuck her fingers into her pussy after ripping her tights off to get to it justin took the van over every bump he could find and boy she screamed with sheer delight and cussed and swore has the bumps made her jump and the big dildo she had stuck in her went further and deeper,she loved showing willy her nice round tits and they were pretty big too,they bounced and bounced and she rubbed them together and pinched her nipples,she pushed that dildo right up into her wet cunt and soon came all over the van floor and let me tell you something this was her second time in the van and you can see it at very soon gauranteed to get all of your cocks rising and rigid ready for kim.

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